A Splendid Steampunk Sunday

It doesn't look like Steampunk Tasmania will have a festival this year, so in lieu we would like to invite Steampunkers to the George Town area for an afternoon at some of our historical attractions (and the steampunk art show) , here is the poster...

Hope to see you here 24th November

See Mousehammer's photos from the day.

Steampunk Tasmania Festival


Oh dear, seems to be offline at the moment, so in the mean time visit  Mousehammer's Adventures in Realm 025 : Some photos from Steampunk Tasmania Festival 2018 in George Town.


Also Danny Smith's Steampunk Tasmania Festival Report...


Another sample of Tasmanian Steampunk nonsense was the Wunderkammer - Steampunk Art show at the Watch House Gallery in George Town, Tasmania. The show finished on Nov 25 2019 but you can see a bit of what it looked like here.